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ms.GIS is not just a typical GIS software reseller only focused on selling licenses, but we do guarantee the protection of Investments in

  • Data and Data Distribution
  • Models and Structures
  • Processes and Systems

by using only the word leading software components and data standards for

  • Data Storage / Database Replication (e.g. Oracle Spatial, MS SQL, etc.)
  • Data Models (based on Standards like APDM, PODS, etc.)
  • Software Framework and (e.g. ESRI, Oracle, MS Office,  Safe FME, etc.)
  • Development Platforms (e.g. COM, .Net, etc.)

In our long experience in GIS Projects we recognized the need of highest flexibility in application development. Therefore, we developed reusable components instead of static Products – the ms.GIS CORE3 technology.

CORE3 technology stands for modular and reusable components based on standard software frameworks to enable fast prototyping and easy maintenance for the different customer's applications (e.g. quick updating to new releases, bug fixing, seamless change of basic software components, etc.).

This also leads to large benefits for our clients because of the constant availability of new functionality developed for different projects like:

  • Geo Data Server replication and synchronization mechanisms for distributed multi-site enterprise systems
  • ArcGIS based Workflow Engine integration, which enables efficient GIS editing by non-expert users and guarantees data quality
  • an extended Map Viewer component with an SDK available for development of other integrated applications by the client or 3rd Party vendors
  • extended Linear Referencing System (LRS), that exceeds all other available LRS systems on the market
  • Web Platform templates that include user access control, workflow integration, mobile equipment synchronization, etc.
  • Mobile Solutions to support field work and real time tracking systems
  • many other modular components, like simulation software integration, plot automation, profile generation, routing and network functionalities, etc.
Based on these components, we developed our Pipeline Information Platform (PIP) which is the basic framework for our Pipeline & Utilities projects – still flexible enough to meet all specific client needs within a project.


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