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Transport routes and networks are the core assets to meet the increasing mobility demands of the global economy. Because of environmental and financial constraints the increase of efficiency in the use of existing traffic infrastructure is of highest priority for today’s society.

With our GIS solutions we provide the tools to meet the future needs of all fields of the transport sector.

Road transport
  • effective managing of infrastructure investments and maintenance
  • traffic simulation and strategic investment planning
  • real time traffic information and traffic flow control
  • road charges management, electronic toll collection
  • asset management of track network, supporting structures and real estate
  • rolling stock management
  • capacity planning and improvement
  • passenger information and inter modal management
  • aeronautical information management, chart production
  • airspace management, routing and contingency planning
  • environmental impact assessment
Water Transport
  • waterway traffic management
  • vessel movement tracking and coordination
  • port operation and inter modal management
  • scheduling and dispatch optimization, dynamic route planning
  • fleet management and real-time vehicle and cargo tracking

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