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Public administration and public safety is depending on an efficient access to spatial data. The deployment of our GIS solutions generates utmost value for involved agencies or authorities.
Municipal administration
Integrated management of administrative tasks by local authorities and communities for
  • urban and regional planning
  • real estate cadastre
  • management of building permits and building regulations
  • management of all sorts of communal services (water supply, wastewater collection, solid waste collection)
  • citizen registration, address management
Hazard management
Regional and country risk assessment, emergency planning and crisis management for environmental hazards like
  • storm water and flooding
  • forest fires
  • avalanches
  • air pollution monitoring, plumes
  • ground water pollution monitoring
Public Safety
Distributed geographical information management including mobile systems for fire, rescue, emergency medical services and law enforcement.
  • emergency call and incident management
  • computer aided dispatch
  • alarm management, contingency planning
  • emergency response control and coordination
  • disaster management
  • resource management and allocation
  • public surveillance
  • crime analysis

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