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In 1985, key staff of today’s ms.GIS took part in the very beginning of applying GIS technology in Austria, which was based in the Department of Mathematics of the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology). GIS technology of ESRI was applied in combination with simulation modeling software to explore and forecast spatially related phenomena and system dynamics (flooding & groundwater modeling, environmental & acid rain, dispersion of radioactivity plumes, etc.).

Since its incorporation in 1999, ms.GIS has consequently followed the strategy of developing capabilities to render state-of-the-art solutions and services for the management of spatial infrastructures & resources, and we have successfully finished some very challenging projects. During the past 10 years we could draw from this vast experience and invested heavily in solution patterns, best practices, architectural designs and sophisticated GIS-related software algorithms and code, all together establishing the comprehensive set of CORE3 technology.




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